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Estimating, pricing, and the like

Everyone should know a couple of things when it comes to the money aspect of doing electrical work, or any trade of construction for that matter. Of course, it is hard sometimes to see that estimated price and let go of the money. I think we all have that crutch at some point or another. One thing you have to realize is, although we are making a lot money, we are also spending a lot of money as well. So keep in mind when your having second thoughts of getting electrical work done because of the pricing, that it is a bit expensive because number one, it is a tough job to do. Number two, it is a dangerous job to do. Number three, it costs a lot of money to run a construction company. We have insurances to pay, overhead costs like material and workers, travel expenses, tool expenses etc. The list goes on. But more importantly, If you want the work done, and you want it done RIGHT, you're going to get what you pay for. At Striker Electric Services, it is always our goal to make money, of course, but we also want to provide a very fair and pleasant experience for our customers. Its always about the customer. We love our customers and we just want you to keep in mind, what actually goes into doing construction.

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