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Laurel Lakes Estates!

Laurel Lakes Estates.. A beautiful place that is located in the Riverbend subdivision right off of Brightside near LSU. I would've never guessed that Riverbend subdivision had a secret neighborhood of castles located in the back of it! This neighborhood was already huge and full of nice houses, and all the way in the back, there was this massive gate with a fountain behind it.. Instantly I stopped and went, "Oh damn!" What an amazing scenery. But more importantly, a seriously amazing customer! Steve Frantz and his wife Claudia, were cooperative and extremely pleasant. Striker Electric Services greatly appreciates your business. The project consisted of changing 8 ceiling fans and adding a switch to the fans on the rear patio, adding 4 recessed light fixtures on the balcony and adding a switch for them, and changing 2 outside wall mount fixtures. A great project.

Striker Electric will be more than happy to bring your vision to life! No job too big or too small!

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