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Back at this amazing residence for another go! Except, this time, its a little different. Typically, electricians don't usually do anything outside of the normal scope of work for an "electrician." This particular project involved running data cable to 13 different locations throughout the house so that the customer would have direct connections to the network instead of struggling with the wi-fi. We usually leave this to the data technicians but hey, Striker Electric is open to expanding into all fields of electrical work, not just your standard everyday electrical projects. This was a great learning experience and the customer was taken care of, and that's the most important part. It definitely didn't go as smooth as I had hoped but we got it done. I'm excited to receive more projects like this one so, don't be afraid to give us a call if you need data cable, coax, or HDMI cables ran. We'll see if we can get it taken care of.

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