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Takin' em' to the cleaners!

Striker Electric has taken flight. Projects coming in left and right. Its really exciting to undertake these new opportunities. We have been working on our first commercial project, DBA Laundry Heaven. Its been about a month and we are closing in on the finish line. Just waiting on all of the panels to come in... which is about a 3 month wait 😒. None-the-less, this has been an incredible turn of events. I have met some really amazing people in the time we've been at this site, some of which have become powerful business associates to Striker Electric. This is a beautiful unfolding of the process and blessings continue to show up. It just goes to show, never be afraid to follow your dreams. It might seem scary at first, because your stepping into the unknown, but you'll begin to see that if you just take the necessary steps, and trust in the universe to deliver, everything will happen just as it needs to. It will not fail, unless YOU allow it. Hold steadfast to your vision. You have the capabilities to do whatever you wish. Just breathe and BELIEVE.

More photos to come upon completion***

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