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Electrical Installation

Maybe you have a vision of new ceiling fans throughout your house.

Perhaps you have some new fixtures in mind that you want installed. Striker Electric Services takes great pride in proper, safe, and cosmetically pleasing installations.

     Service call/Emergency

Troubleshooting is one of the top specialties at Striker Electric. If there is an issue with sparking, breakers tripping, or anything of that nature, DO NOT hesitate to call us. We will come out ASAP and asses the problem. Our number one concern is the safety of the public. Safety comes first. Perhaps its nothing serious. Maybe its just a breaker tripping and not allowing your receptacles to work, causing issues with completing school work or work that needs to be done from your home or office. Once again, feel free to contact us. 

Electrical Repair

If you have anything electrical that needs repair, Striker Electric would be happy to assist you. We will assess the problem, diagnose the issue, and determine the most efficient course of action required for safe and cost effective usage. Perhaps it is still salvageable. However, If it is not safe and will continue to cause more problems down the road, it will be explained as such.

         Electrical Remodels

Striker Electric also performs electrical remodels of many kinds. Maybe you have a vision of a home or business addition or remodel. You see 4 receptacles added with 6 recess cans,  2 three-way switches and a bathroom with a GFCI and a heater-vent-light.

No matter what the vision, Striker has the power. Perhaps you want to add an outdoor kitchen and hangout area for your patio space. No problem.   Contact us at anytime. 

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